are you the right one?

calling out to all creative brains.

We are looking for someone bright, passionate and fun!

Of course, we would prefer if you have experience in the career opportunities we offer. But if you are new, creative and confident in your abilities, we welcome you on board more than anyone else. We love working with those who are:

  • An absolute team player.
  • Independent, highly driven and self-motivated.
  • Creative and open towards all possibilities.
  • Intuitive and sensitive towards social trends and hypes.
  • Able to create, contribute or deliver fresh and impactful ideas to the team.
  • Conscious about their lifestyle.
  • Engaged in promoting the value of eating right and living green.

If you think you sound like the above, then ring us up! Who knows, you might be the one!


why nature care life science?

a flat hierarchical structure.

Being part of our team, you are free from boring corporate bureaucracy and are given all the possibilities to be heard.

awesome working environment.

A carefree and stressless working environment with free-flow coffee and tea!

Nope, we are not talking about instant coffee or tea-bags, but single origins and exotic floral teas. Sounds pretty normal, huh? How about a pantry stocked with snacks and biscuits that are open and free to access? 

It does sound like we are working in a coffee shop!

we keep the positive vibes running.

Here at Nature Care Life Science, it is about living a better lifestyle together while motivating each other to perform better. We encourage a constant flow of positive vibes and active communications, while making sure that you feel at home, at your prime state.

it is all about the fun.

Any suggestions or ideas are always welcome.

Join us for fun experiments such as body detox or cleansing programs, raw and vegan baking and so much more! We are constantly looking for more beneficial and educational workshops, whether we hold or attend it. 

As long as we get to have fun.