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Happy Lunar New Year

The Auspicious Year of the Rooster



Warmest Wishes from Us


Happy Lunar New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai to you! Bidding the year of the magnificent Monkey goodbye, may we welcome the majestic Rooster to shower your 2017 with abundance of luck, wealth and great prosperity. With the warmest love and effort from the team, we have crafted the perfect gift box to accompany you through this festive season, making sure that your health flourishes like no day has passed.


"The way we roll here, your body is our first priority."



There is no better gift box that we can conjure, we dare say. From the outer skin to the impeccably nourishing contents, each box is preciously designed to put smiles on faces. Featuring one of our best products in-house, the box also comprises two exclusive products that are available only for Lunar New Years, wrapped carefully in joyous colours. 

Your most genuine wishes of health and fortune for your loved ones, in a box.

Make their year count.


"the best box in the world."

The Jeweller's Daughter


Here is to the graceful soul that has the kindest heart. 

Rare and luminous as ever.


The Glistening sapphire


Embodied in the traditional Chinese brocade drenched luxuriously in royal blue; it is decorated with embroidered bamboos and plum blossoms, in golden thread. Vivid and rich, it dances in light.

An alternate to the classic red, it is a glorious colour that represents the wood element in Chinese Feng Shui. 


A true symbol of immortality, healing and advancement. 





An ethereal elegance against all odds. A blushing sight to look at. 

One of the most favoured and loved flowers in China, plum blossoms have been depicted in Chinese art and poetry for centuries. 

Associating with hope and perseverance, plum blossoms are symbolic in Chinese culture. It represents youth at its peak, exuding endurance and courage while preserving the purest beauty in it.


Commonly known as méihuā




The Jeweller's Daughter

in Royal Sapphire with an abundance oF blushing Plum Blossoms
(30 x 30 x 7.5 cm) 


Harmony® Halvia+  (20g x 14 sachets)

Harmony® Almond Seeds   (130g x 1)  *Exclusive!

Harmony® Cashew Nuts     (100g x 1)  *Exclusive!



The Noble Governor


He who had conquered greed and banished the injustice. 

Surrounded by ten, hundred or thousands of loyal brave hearts.


the best of both worlds


Unconventional yet classic. 

A traditional Malay brocade, the songket manifests a status of utmost luxury with finishing touches of grandeur. Glorified with exquisite embroideries, it features lavish motifs of the beloved pucuk rebung, bunga sinar matahari and bunga kemunting cina in golden thread. 

Woven in ruby and emerald, the songket is opulent and auspicious by yielding and balancing between luck, happiness, and fortune.


A perfect blend of both northern and southern East Asia.


the golden little Trinkets of luck


A basketful of produce, goods and profits. Charmed to rain harvestable crops,

Believed to be worn by Chinese aristocrats since the Han Dynasty, they are regarded as decorative precious ornaments that shield from the evil while fostering wealth, rank and longevity. 

A golden Rooster that lays golden opportunities.

A golden Chinese character of  or fortune that bears you a year full of luck, prosperity and happiness.


Come in pairs. Double the luck.



The Noble Governor

IN OPULENT songket with a pair of 'the prosperous harvest' trinkets
(30 X 30 X 7.5 CM) 


Harmony® Halvia+  (20g x 14 sachets)

Harmony® Almond Seeds   (130g x 1)  *Exclusive!

Harmony® Cashew Nuts     (100g x 1)  *Exclusive!




Go Northeast Asia All The Way


WITH traditional chinese brocades 


Customize with ease. You can change the skin for The Noble Governor into any of the traditional Chinese brocades below, you call the shots. Same design, same impeccably nourishing contents. Just a different skin to suit your taste, we promise.


Did we mention that the skins are available in a super limited quantity only?


Hurry up before it is too late!



The Rising Phoenix


Arise, for troubles are not the foe but a great mentor that is never favourable. Rub salt into the wound and arise with blaze. 

Let them see you now.


hope, perseverance and prosperity

a limited edition


(30 X 30 X 7.5 CM) 


Harmony® Halvia+  (20g x 14 sachets)

Harmony® Almond Seeds   (130g x 1)  *Exclusive!

Harmony® Cashew Nuts     (100g x 1)  *Exclusive!


The Emperor's Rooster


Behind every wise man, piles a hill of hardships that are rarely spoken of. Endure and remember it, he would say. 

For silence is golden.


wealth, royalty and warmth

A limited edition


in Lustrous gold with a pair of 'The majestic golden roosters' trinkets
(30 X 30 X 7.5 CM) 


Harmony® Halvia+  (20g x 14 sachets)

Harmony® Almond Seeds   (130g x 1)  *Exclusive!

Harmony® Cashew Nuts     (100g x 1)  *Exclusive!



The Best Box in The World


See What is Inside


The best of our products in-house, engineered using real and fresh ingredients of the highest quality. Meticulously crafted, our team of nutritionists ensured that each nutritional value of the selected ingredients is reaped and retained as it is. Contaminant and impurity free, we guarantee.


They are wholesome, raw and absolutely vegan-friendly. 





organic premium chia seeds with prebiotic

20 grams x 14 sachets

Certified organic by USDA, our premium-grade chia seeds have gone through multiple rigorous cleaning and selection processes.

Now packed with prebiotics in a conveniently packaged sachet, there's no easier way to enjoy the goodness of chia seeds anywhere, everywhere.

Premium Air-Fried Cashew Nuts

100 grams

Rich in copper, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and zinc.

Helps maintain stability of nervous system. Lifts your mood and lets you feel good.

Freshly air-fried, using up to 80% less fats than conventionally roasted nuts.

Premium Air-Fried Almond Seeds

130 grams

Rich in manganese, copper and riboflavin.

Enhances energy production of cells and tissues. A great post-workout treat for the gym-junkies out there!

Freshly air-fried, using up to 80% less fats than conventionally roasted nuts.