free from binders. no extraction.
nothing artificial.


the leading brand of premium-quality wholefood supplements.


We brand our wholefood supplements as Mother Nature's wonder in a simpler vessel.  

They are specially and skilfully formulated by our in-house board of nutritionists, after years of careful research on the eating habits of modern society. Whether it is targeted towards young working adults or the honourable seniors in life, we will always have something in store for you.

We make sure you get the nutrition you need.


All you need to do is to rip them open.

With cutting-edge technology, we engineered our products to fit into the modern city life. Most of our products comes in individual sachet forms, they are almost hassle-free and super convenient. Just whoop one sachet into your bag and take them out for a ride. Ready to eat, at any time and any where.

Get all the goodness without compromise.

fast and easy.
ultimate convenience
for busy people.


meticulous crafted
and environmentally sustainable.


Committed to reducing, reusing and recycling both materials and energy on all levels of our business, we aim to achieve zero carbon footprint in all of our products.

From the product itself to the outer packaging, we are always working on smarter and greener ways to co-work with Mother Nature harmoniously. That is why we take pride in our products, no kidding.

Learn more about our philosophy.