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dislike eatin'

your veggies,
try greenergy

30 x 3000 milligrams | RM 94.40

Still munching on your greens? Switch to Harmony® Greenergy!
Uniquely and carefully formulated to deliver all the goodness of 12 different kinds of organic greens.

Greenergy allows you to get all the nutrients in veggies without having to eat them!


eat 12 different kinds of greens in one go.

We know that green veggies, though highly nutritious, remain as one of the most unfavoured food between adults and kids. They look, smell and taste peculiar; sometimes too crunchy and sometimes too mushy; and worst of all... they are mostly green in colour.

Not very appealing, is it?

We fully understand. Which is why we invented Harmony® Greenergy, a powdered blend of 12 different raw, organic greens using our freeze-drying technology. By creating a perfect alternative to eating greens, we minimise the disgust and distastes of consuming greens in the conventional way, allowing you to reap its benefits in the least repulsive way.


12 kinds of raw, organic greens.

Oat sprout.

Broccoli sprout.
Barley sprout.
Wheat sprout.

freeze-drying technology.

What makes Greenergy natural, different from others?

The greens we sourced are organic, fully imported, high quality farm-grown produce. Freeze-dried immediately after being freshly harvested, we assure you that all phyto nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other natural composition are carefully preserved and sealed within.

It is one of the most advanced technology!


product features.

100% vegan, raw and natural.

Still munching on your greens? Switch to Harmony® Greenergy!
An easy and convenient proprietary blend of 12 different raw, organic greens sourced from organic farmlands, our Greenergy is uniquely and carefully formulated for its purity and ability to deliver vital phyto nutrients. 

With its richness in readily absorbable protein peptides and an additional synergistic blend of synbiotics, every sachet works wonders in aiding the creation of lean muscles, as well as in enhancing potency and boosting immunity.   

The same as eating your greens!

serving suggestions.

Add 3 sachets or 9g into a glass of 200ml of water or juice, stir well and enjoy. Or consume directly by pouring the content into your mouth while holding breath to taste the power of 12 types of greens altogether!


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eating enough greens?
make sure you get enough fruits too!
try harmony® frunergy.