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Presenting the Hunger fighter

300 grams | RM 99.60

The best friend to your morning juices, smoothies and drinks. Provides longer-lasting energy up to four hours! Rich in beta-glucan, fibre and so much more.

Definitely the key companion for a beautiful, energized day ahead!


say hello to the new kid.

Feeling hungry and tired all the time? Reckon your stomach has a black hole, where food just disappears? The new kid is putting this to an end.

Harmony® Pre-Sprouted Barley Powder With Oligosaccharides. The newly invented food powder that serves as the best friend to your morning or daily juices, smoothies and even protein shakes. Naturally nutrient-dense and pleasant in taste.

Do we have to say more?

a few spoonfuls is all you need.

That will do the trick. Shut that rumbling stomach of yours right away!

By adding a few tablespoons into your juices or smoothies provide you an extra boost of energy, essential nutrients and so much more. Definitely the key companion for a beautiful, energized day ahead.

all natural. nothing spooky.


nutrition, checked. now let's talk about benefits.

BENEFITS I-01-01.png

compact and portable. bring it with you and forget about hunger.
you've got bigger things to take care of.

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what is in the bottle.

300 grams of goodness per bottle.

FDA approved. BPA-free. Heat and UV radiation tolerance. Anti-leakage and moisture-block.
Pathogen and contamination free. 


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