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Inspired by Nature

The key to vibrant health is around us


Capturing Nature's Wisdom

Nature is the oldest and greatest R&D lab: life is more than 3 billion years of fine-tuned evolution by natural selection. What surrounds us are time-tested patterns and strategies, solutions to challenges we face today.

Inspired by Nature

At Nature Care Health Management, we believe all biological beings are naturally gifted. Given proper nutrition and lifestyle, the human body is capable of performing self-healing without any medical intervention.

By studying on Nature's way of keeping everything in perfect harmony, we empower ourselves to create nature-inspired solutions for a healthier society, as well as a healthier planet.


When we look at what is truly sustainable, the only real model that has worked over long periods of time is the natural world.
— Janine Benyus

The leading brand of high quality, meticulously formulated, environmentally sustainable wholefood supplements.


We take pride in our products.

No kidding.

Our wholefood supplements are specially formulated by our in-house board of nutritionists, after years of research on the eating habits of modern society. We make sure you get the nutrition you need.

Ultimate Convenience for City Dwellers

With cutting-edge technology, we engineered our products to fit into the modern city life: ready to be consumed any time, any where with minimal preparation. You get all the goodness of Nature without compromise.

Harmony with Nature

Committed to reducing, reusing and recycling both materials and energy on all levels of our business, we aim to achieve zero carbon footprint in all of our products.


How we differ from the rest?

  • Highest quality ingredients from pristine, environmentally sustainable sources
  • Meticulously formulated for highest bio-compatibility with the human body

  • Cutting-edge processing methods for absolute minimum nutrient loss

  • No binders, no preservatives, no artificial coloring, no artificial flavoring, no artificial nutrient fortification, no extracted nutrients.


Everything you need.

We have got you covered.

Harmony® Halvia

Harmony® Halvia (Salvia Hispanica sp. chia seeds) offer a solution for every stage of human life.

Despite their tiny size, these seeds are the highest known plant source of Omega-3 fatty acids. They are also naturally rich with protein, calcium, magnesium, anti-oxidants, iron, zinc and dietary fiber, definitely one of the world’s healthiest whole foods!


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Harmony® Previa


Milled Chia + Prebiotics = Modern Superfood in a sachet.

Harmony® Previa is a blend of cold-milled Harmony® Halvia premium chia seeds and Harmony® Prebiotic. Our proprietary cold-milling process exposes more nutritional qualities of the chia seeds, helping the body to reap greater nutritional benefits. 


Harmony® Frunergy


No time for fruits? No problem.

Harmony® Frunergy is carefully formulated to deliver all the benefits of fruits as found in Nature. Each sachet of Harmony® Frunergy provides more than 100% RDA of naturally occurring, biologically active Vitamin C.


Harmony® Greenergy


Eat 14 kinds of organic greens in less than a minute.

Harmony® Greenergy is a proprietary blend of raw greens sourced from pristine organic farmlands blessed with pure Icelandic waters.


Harmony® Prebiotic


Food for the Superheroes in You

Harmony® Prebiotic, made with over 90% purity isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO), supplements your diet with highly potent food for the friendly bacteria in your body.  When well fed, your army of friendly bacteria will multiply in greater numbers and grow stronger, shielding your body from the bad guys.




Meticulously crafted wholefood.

Your body, our top priority.