what exactly is harmony® previa?

Harmony® Previa is one of our proudest achievement in the history of chia seeds. A blend of cold micro-milled, premium organic chia seeds with our prebiotic powderPrevia is a solid prove that even healthy drinks can be tasty too!

It is truly an incredible result of two nutritious foods, thoughtfully planned and designed to fit perfectly in a modern society.

Discover all benefits of chia seeds and how important prebiotics are.

cold micro-milled chia seeds.

Premium-grade. USDA and EU certified organic.

Finely ground at a constant low temperature (<26°C) to maximise the digestibility and to preserve even the most heat-sensitive nutrients.

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prebiotic powder.

A superior prebiotic dietary fibre that feeds the superheroes in your gut.

Made with over 90% purity isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO). Ten times more effective than FOS! Classified as super safe by FOSHU, FDA-GRAS and EFSA.

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product features.

100% vegan and natural.

Harmony® Previa is a blend of cold-milled Harmony® Halvia premium chia seeds and Harmony® Prebiotic.

Our proprietary cold-milling process exposes more nutritional qualities of the chia seeds, helping the body to reap greater nutritional benefits.

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serving suggestions.

Our Previa is naturally sweetened. You can either mix it with just water, or add it into your unsweetened juice before consumption to taste the mild nuttiness of milled chia and the natural sweetness of prebiotic!

2 or 3 servings per day or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

what is in the box.

14 individual sachets per box. 20 grams of goodness per sachet.

Each box houses 280 grams of Previa.

wish to enjoy just prebiotic alone?
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