super easy vegan
avocado toast
(with chia)

October 8, 2019 at 3:13 pm | Edited by Riri Tan



simple yet delicious, say no more.

Who is hungry? I know I am.

There are times, when driving out for lunch seems like the most troublesome thing in the world or the sight of yesterday’s leftovers makes you cringe, but yet you have to answer to the slow, angry growl coming from your stomach. You panic because you are indecisive… you are hangry.

This recipe I swear, is the easiest, most delicious and failproof snack or lunch recipe one can ever find. All you need is a nice, ripe medium avocado, a few pantry essentials and voila! Now everyone can be a chef.


super easy vegan avocado toast (w chia)

side notes.

Lime or lemon juice prevents avocados from browning.

Quality of chia seeds is very, very important due to the minimal amount of ingredients used. Highly recommend high purity and 100% matured chia seeds like Harmony® Halvia.

fun facts.

Harmony® Halvia chia seeds are USDA and EU certified organic and premium-graded. It is super packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and natural antioxidants. A key ingredient to balance out the Omega-6 with its rich Omega-3 fatty acids profile.



2 pieces of multigrain bread

1 medium avocado

1 small lime or lemon

Pinch of black pepper powder, freshly ground


1 sachet of Harmony® Halvia premium organic chia seeds


1. In a toaster, toast multigrain bread until crisp. Skip this step if you would like.

2. With a sharp knife, slice through avocado lengthwise until knife touches the pit. Run the knife around the pit while rotating the avocado, until avocado is halved completely. Twist it open.

3. Aim knife heel or edge at pit and strike hard (be careful!). Twist knife to remove pit.

3. Scoop avocado flesh out with a spoon, add lime or lemon juice and slice them.

4. Transfer avocado slices onto toasts, finish with freshly ground black pepper powder and chia seeds.

5. Enjoy!


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