to be the leading example of sustainable, plant-based wholefood supplement manufacturer."

Our Story

Meet Our Founder

"I was malnourished since I was a child, due to family poverty.

"Later in life, I developed multiple health problems that almost barred me from work and had to be on long term medication drugs. Knowing that I have to seek for a permanent and holistic solution, I dove into nutrition and embraced a wellness philosophy. It was a life-changing journey. I went from being sick and frail, to feeling strong and healthy today without any medical interference.

"This experience led to an understanding of the importance of practising dietary and lifestyle in accordance with Law of Nature, a core belief on which the company is built."

β€” Mr. Chong Fat Eng (MSc Holistic Nutrition, United States)

  • No heat.
  • No binders.
  • No extractions.
  • No fortifications.
  • No artificial sweeteners.
  • No colourings.
  • No flavourings.
  • No preservatives.
  • No hidden ingredients.
  • No shortcuts.

What Makes Us Different?


Led by Mr. Chong Fat Eng (MSc Holistic Nutrition, United States). 

After years of careful research on the modern eating habits, we are certain that our wholefood supplements are next to what Mother Nature can offer. 


Never mind about high production costs and paper-thin profit margins. Ultimately, we are just a bunch of stubborn idealists who wishes for your health, not merchants aiming for your wealth.

All raw materials sourced are high in quality. All processing technology used are of state of the art.


50% of what you are paying goes into the product itself - raw sources, farmers, maintenance of facilities, import taxes and shipping fees.

Do you know what you are paying for a bottle of synthetic supplements?